A notable leap in technology innovation

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UFRJ is the largest federal university in the country[8] and is one of the Brazilian centers of excellence in teaching and research.

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro’s supplementary organ, the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute of Post-Graduation and Research in Engineering (COPPE), is not only Latin America’s largest research and learning center of engineering; it continues to stride towards cutting-edge innovation. On July 13th, the institution launched  the Supercomputer Lobo Carneiro, the most powerful installed in a federal university in the country.

With an unprecedented engineering system that enables remote operation with energy efficiency, the Lobo Carneiro has a capacity of 226 teraflop.  The supercomputer can an perform 226 trillion mathematical operations per second. Energy efficiency and remote operation are some of the supercomputer advantages, which has an engineering system designed exclusively for him and that allows dispense with the attendance monitoring 24 hours a day, as is the rule for other high-performance computers operating in Brazil.

Lobo Carneiro was assembled by researchers at Coppe , in partnership with the Brazilian technical startup Versatus HPC and Silicon Graphics International ( winner of the bidding consortium ) in High Performance Computing Advanced Core ( Nacad ) Coppe .

During the visit to Nacad, officials and guests attended a demonstration with 3-D simulation at Cave, the virtual reality environment of Computational Methods in Engineering Laboratory (LAMCE).

“The relationship computing power and energy efficiency of the Lobo Carneiro is very good. The system is designed to preserve the most of the life of the equipment and the operation can be done remotely, securely, with self-control and redundancy. This engineering system model is unprecedented in the country,” said Professor Guilherme Travassos, Systems Engineering and Computer Science Program at Coppe.

Responsible for the project, Travassos said the Lobo Carneiro equivalent to six thousand home computers and was built at a cost of R $ 10 million – the system as a whole, involving the computer itself, the cooling system, power protection and intelligent environment for automation control – with funds from the Incentive Law for the Development of the Oil and Natural Gas Industry.

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