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Gustavo Torres – Academic Coordinator of Corporate Solutions – Ibmec/RJ

We live in a world that is increasingly more competitive and globalized. With a view towards survival and business sustainability, organizations have concluded that investing in the development of its professionals is a powerful strategic tool to becoming more competitive.  In this respect the corporate learning experience, based on the development of critical business competencies, demonstrates the extreme importance of empowering and educating people so that they can handle the complexity of the corporate world.

The protocol model for capacity building, based on a repertoire of common and eventual common knowledge, is gradually giving way to an environment of practical learning, which is aligned with the needs of the business and experienced by the participants.

In accordance with market needs, Ibmec’s department of corporate solutions develops educational interventions adapted to the needs of businesses. In 2015 alone there were 5,811 hours of training, 2,602 executives trained, and approximately 100 capacity-building programs implemented. These numbers demonstrate that, despite the country’s current economic and financial crisis, organizations continue to view education as a way to recover as quickly as possible.

Ibmec offers solutions on three distinct levels of depth, programs of short, medium or long-term duration, with content that is thoroughly customized to the needs and realities of its different clients. The educational solutions are offered using different models: face-to-face, online, and hybrid (face-to-face plus online).

The multiple educational activities in the area of corporate solutions seek to align professionals’ expectations, organizational strategies, and the impact of the results for the business. In this context, the learning activities that are adopted by the organizations are not limited to just a matter of short-term survival but, more fundamentally, to the need for long-term continuity.

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