Ibmec Lounge: pioneer initiative with a focus on networking

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Universities around the globe are embarking on a mission to radically overhaul their career centers. Ibmec RJ is on that same path with the launch of Ibmec Lounge, a promising event model to enhance employer networks and achieve significantly higher placement rates for new graduates. However, this isn’t your traditional career fair – Ibmec Lounge offers a sophisticated “meet up” opportunity that allows participants to prioritize career interests and foster valuable employer relationships. Ibmec’s Lounge is more laid back and entertaining than most on-cam- pus networking events and has had a successful turnout of large national and multinational companies on the lookout for talents and business opportunities. According to Marco Aurélio Sá Ribeiro, Market Center and Innovation coordinator at Ibmec, who conceived the project, it is a pioneering initiative among Brazilian educational institutions. Marco, who conceived the projects, claims that the “primary goal is to consolidate Ibmec Lounge within the official Ibmec activity calendar as an extraordinary channel for business and networking.” For Renata Nogueira, general-coordinator of postgraduate courses at Ibmec / RJ, “this type of event can bring good opportunities for those investing on an Ibmec MBA and want to exchange experiences and get a leg up on recruiting.” In order to ignite networking between interested parties, Ibmec Lounge features dis- crete event-stimulation. Stellar companies attended the inaugurational edition of Ibmec Lounge, namely L’Oreal, Shell, IBM, Michael Page, Icatu Seguros, Petrobras, Oi, Monte Carlos Joias and WhiteMartins.

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