Brazilian Institute of Financial Executives awards Secretary Julio Bueno

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RIO DE JANEIRO, 18/11/14

The State Secretary for Economic Development in Rio de Janeiro, Julio Bueno, was awarded today by IBEF with the Trophy “The Equilibrista”, which elects annually since 1985, the executive most notably in the exercise of their activities. The choice is made between the professionals who contribute incisively to the development of national and state economy. The award evaluates the leadership posture, the way they were circumvented adverse situations, the achievement of goals set through modern management techniques and the collaboration of the company for the enrichment and improvement of society.

According to the President of the IBEF, José Carlos Monteiro, this is the first time the award is presented to a public figure. “For her performance and willingness to work together with your entire team, Julio Bueno has really contributed to the development of our state,” said Monteiro.

Executives attended the lunch presentation conducted by IBEF on major investments in Rio de Janeiro. Bueno spoke about the state of the revitalization process after years of decay and prospects for the coming years.

The secretary pointed out that Petrobras’ decision to invest in new fields and the discovery of the Campos Basin were instrumental in the revival of Rio. “Oil reversed the logic in which the state was and gave a boost to our economy,” he said.

According to Bueno, the expected growth of investments in Rio is extraordinary. Between the years 2014 and 2016 will be invested in the state R $ 235.6 billion, with half of that amount for the oil industry. “The prospect is that in 2035 the Rio produce about 6 million barrels of oil a day and can be exporter of input”.

According to the Secretary, one of the state’s main missions is currently developing the processing industries and knowledge about the industries in which Rio is competitive, especially oil and gas. “Our strategy is to use the internal market to attract investors. We want to bring intelligence to the state. ”

Bueno also cited other economic and industrial centers promising, such as automotive, chemical and petrochemical, plastic, insurance, tourism, audiovisual, food and beverage, white goods, among others.

He also stressed that the great challenge of Rio for the coming years is to keep the business environment optimistic after the Cup and the Olympics. “The euphoria of the games have an expiration date. We have a much more complex environment than what we had when we started the government in 2007 “.

The expectation of the secretary, however, is that the strength of the internal market of Rio de Janeiro and the attractiveness of infrastructure and government organization will give a good perspective of development. “Even with a more difficult environment, our possibilities make us optimistic,” he added.



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