State announces winner of the bidding for the Strategic Plan for Urban Development of the Metropolitan Region

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08-09-2015; Rio de Janeiro; Jaime Lerner, Líder do Consórcio Barcelona Rio no lançamento do Plano Estratégico Integrado de Desenvolvimento Urbano da Região Metropolitana; Foto: Shana Reis

The State Government of Rio de Janeiro announced on Tuesday (8/9), the winner of the international bid for the preparation of the Strategic Development Plan of Integrated Urban Metropolitan Area. The selected consortium is led by the architect’s office and town planner Jaime Lerner, by Jaime Lerner Associates and built by Quanta Consulting, and Barcelona Regional Urban Development Agency – responsible for the revitalization of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​after the holding of the 1992 Olympics in the Catalan city.

With an investment of $ 3 million from the World Bank, the plan will include the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, Belford Roxo, Duque de Caxias, Guapimirim, Itaboraí, Japeri, Mage, Marica, Mesquita, Nilópolis, Niterói, Nova Iguaçu, Paracambi, burned, Saint Mary, St. Johns Wood, Seropédica, Tanguá, Itaguai, Rio Bonito and Macacu Waterfalls.

According to the executive director of the Metropolitan Chamber, Vicente Loureiro, the strategic areas of implementation of the plan will involve aspects of mobility, sanitation, resilience, land use and communication. Main goals include integration of the transport systems in the metropolitan region and creation of the Unified Metropolitan Card; integration of information system between local governments for the prevention of natural disasters; finding ways to reducing time spent commuting (home-to-work travel) and identifying new business opportunities and creating tax incentives; universalization of sanitation throughout the region and remediation of the Guanabara Bay; and ensuring broadband internet access across the metropolitan area.

The main actions of the Metropolitan Chamber, and the development and monitoring of the Strategic Plan, include aerophotogrammetric survey and the preparation of an updated mapping of urban areas of the municipalities. There are also plans to create a geographic information system that will enable the integrated management of urban development in the region.

The bill will be sent to Alerj formalizing the creation of the Metropolitan Chamber provides for the establishment of an exclusive agency to promote urban integration policies developed by the State and 21 municipalities. The Metropolitan Chamber shall exercise its powers through an Advisory Board, composed of the State Governor and the mayors of the 21 municipalities, with voting weight based on population criterion.

Photos: Shana Reis

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