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Professionalism, cooperation and entrepreneurial spirit. There is no doubt that these are extremely valuable characteristics for large companies on the lookout for young talent in the job market. According to a survey: Empresa dos Sonhos dos Jovens (The Dream Company for Youngsters), which is conducted annually by Cia de Talentos – a consultancy firm with 25 years of experience in the market, produced the results that analytical ability and teamwork are the most sought after qualities by companies recruiting in the country.
However, for the members of the Center of Capital Market Studies (CEMEC), the junior enterprise run by IBMEC’s Business Center (CEI), these skills can be identified and put into practice well before officially entering the job market.

There are four main study areas developed by CEMEC: Corporate Finance, Trading Desk, and Macroeconomic Office and Analysis. For the company, the purpose of this distribution is to foster interaction between the study groups and complement other information available. As such, the participation of members in all the existing areas, either through direct work experience or in integrated projects, is encouraged by the directors.

As well as the different study areas, CEMEC holds two events: the Finances Week, together with lectures on financial market issues relevant today, and the Financial Game, which is a simulation of a live floor trading session with high-school students; and for which they receive an introductory explanation about the stock market are divided into groups before they begin their simulated trading.

For Guilherme Pinhel, the company’s president, the profile qualification of participants is worked on since recruitment. “We conduct a rigorous selection process, with the aim of challenging the candidates and thus guaranteeing that they are capable, willing and able to assume the responsibilities expected of them by the company”, says Pinhel. “The candidates selected are allocated according to their profiles and specific skills “, he adds.

The increase in interest from companies and organizations in entering into partnerships is an example of external recognition that the members of CEMEC want to consolidate. The list of speakers at the last edition of Finances Week was impressive, with names like Carlos Langoni, José Isaac Peres and Carlos Eduardo Loyo.

In light of the company’s external projects, Guilherme Castro reinforces that the organizational culture of CEMEC – which aims to train students to deal with adverse situations and adapt to the labor market – is a huge differential in these partnerships. “It is commonplace to see a member go directly into a trainee position or job, often with partner companies or Ibmec. We want to companies to look more at CEMEC when looking for young professionals “.

In the opinion of Fabiana Zuritta, manager of attracting new talent at Cia de Talentos, this type of training is essential in creating a sense of responsibility, management and client vision, which is used a lot when youngsters enter the job market. “It is a complementary experience to their academic background, and more practical in nature. It is not enough to just put this type of experience on your curriculum; as living and working it really makes the difference”, Fabiana explains.

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